SCA-NCNW Volunteer Opportunities

SCA-NCNW volunteers provide service to a community on long and short-term basis and/or focus on the cultural learning experience. Our programs as you can see on our program page vary widely from Reading Proficiency Programs, annual blood and clothing drives, employment training, and STEAM. These days inter-cultural placements make up many volunteer programs specifically with the entire nation being affected by current catastrophic issues.


As you consider and compare volunteer opportunities, keep your eyes out for each organization's primary goals and compare them with your individual goals. NCNW mission statement provides out goals and will help provide you with a quick overview of its ethos. Generally, SCA-NCNW does not require volunteers to have specific educational or professional qualifications. Volunteering offers a chance to experience and learn about other culture while working with and in local communities.


Please complete our volunteer application and let us know which of our programs interest you:


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